Welcome to the Metropolitan Thames Path

The Thames path starts at the Thames Barrier and follows the River Thames to its source, about 150 miles away. it was decided that walking the Thames path within the London travel zones would be achievable. we have called  the Metropolitan Thames Path.

New photos will be added as we make our way from Woolwich to Hampton Court.

Kingston to Hampton Court

Bills Great-Great-Great-Uncle was Mayor for three years.Must have been popular as they erected a large monument to him. Paid by Public Subscription.

The Inscription to Bills ancestor.

View from Kingston Bridge. A very misty day

Journeys end Hampton Court Palace

Richmond to Kingston Upon Thames 18 October 2016

At the Island of Teddington Lock. Tidal Thames ends here.

Lock keepers office.

Barge Lock.

Stage 4 Blackfriars to Sloane Square 3rd May 2016

Passing many famous London Landmarks with great views of the Palace of Westminster (aka Houses of Parliament), and some under reconstruction - Battersea Power Station

Houses of Parliament and River - With a lot of people infront

Outside broadcast location for 'Good Morning'

The name of the tower is no longer the Clock Tower and is now the Elizabeth Tower. It was called St Stephen's Tower by Victorian journalists. They referred to anything to do with the House of Commons as news from 'St Stephens', as originally MPs used to sit in St Stephen's Hall.

Thank you Jean for the photo. 

Tea Time, with SOE (Special Operations Executive) memorial in background.

Who forgot the tea?

Thames House  Home of MI5

Up river towards MI6 building and 'Tower'


Tower - what an imaginative name! Thought it had been used 950 years ago by some William called Norman. Or was it some Norman called William? Thank you Jean for the photo

Battersea Power Station under re-construction.


Crossing back to the North Bank. Chelsea Bridge - Entering Royal Borough Chelsa

Stage 3 Surrey Quays to Blackfriars

Heading through the old docklands towards central London with great views towards the Canary development.

Quicker by boat - but its going the wrong way!

Coming up to Tower Bridge

Stage 2  O2 to Surrey Quays Continue heading round the the Canary Wharf peninsula. At first following the prime meridian to Greenwich

GTT - Greenwich Tea Time

Cutty Sark makes an impressive background. 

The name comes from Robert Byrnes poem Tam o Shanter. Literally a Short Shirt. Represented on top of the middle mast.

Cutyy =Short. Sark = Shirt

Statue of Peter the Great Studied ship building in Greenwich.


Stage 1 Woolwich to the O2

The official start point of the Thames path is the Thames Barrier. Woolwich is the nearest DLR station.


The Woolwich ferry near its loading ramps.

The Thames Barrier. 

Official start point of the Thames Path.


Part of The Line, an exhibition of outdoor art has been placed near the Meridian and can be seen at various points near Greenwich and Stratford.  

The signpost 'Here' is on the meridian and points along it. Guess where you would be if you followed the direction and distance!

Perhaps for the Long Distance Walkers.

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