Welcome to the London LOOP

In August 2015 the group undertook the project of walking the London Outer Orbital Path, known to its friends as the London Loop.

5 June 2017

High Barnet to Gordon Hill


7 May 2017

Stanmore to High Barnet

Everything stops for Tea (and cake)

Is it (i) A stile to practice on

(ii) A place to tie up your boots

(iii) A photo opportunity

Man from outer space? 

Or man tending the bee hives?

21 August  2016 (One year since we left Erith)

Kingston to Hatton Cross

At Kingston Bridge about to depart.

(Thank you Jean for your photo)

Parkland forms a large part of he area surrounding Hampton Court

A water pump monument.

Deer wander freely in the parkland. These two are quite magnificent

Some more deer

The shot tower. On part of the sit of the gunpowder mills. 'Shot' is made by pouring molten lead through a sieve, at the top and as it falls forms balls, which are rapidly cooled in water at the base of he tower. 

Leaving the shot tower,

24 July 2016

West Ewell to Kingston

Ready to start

The section follows the river Hoghead. Here we are standing on the bridge. Sandra is not lost, but telling about a mill. (See I was listening)

Tea Vicar? Invited into St John the Baptist, Malden for tea by Revd. Kevin Scott.

Lovely church. Great people

It was near this spot the 'Ophelia' was painted in about 1851/2 by Sir John Everett Millais

The river was painted first, and Ophellia modelled by 19 year old Elizabeth Sidall lying in a full bath tub fully clothed added later.

This is the Coronation stone used by Saxon Kings. Now on display in Kingston on Thames.

25 June 2016

Caulsdon South to West Ewell

The Lavender is delightful. Mayfield lavender, grow Organic lavender. 

Tea and scones were excellent.

Just a shower! (The weather,not us)

Stately home? No, front garden of one of the houses on the route. 

Oak Park. Lots of trees. Wouldn't have thought it from the name.

The end marker board. Really nice section

Stage 4 3 April 2016

Crossing from East to West

Bluebells, but are they English or Spanish? 

You can tell the difference by if they hold their head upright. Apparently.

Possibly one of the more hilly sections of the LOOP

Not too far.! Jean at the end of the stage - and start of the next!

Till next time. 

(Plans to build a supermarket behind the blue hoarding)

Stage 1 (Repeat) 18/ October 2015

Some members were unable to take part  the first time we did stage 1, so Ron rose to the challenge and led the Repeat performance.

The marker board for the start of the LOOP


At the start point of the LOOP. Ron , Kath,  Norman, Peter, Jean, Marian, Brendan and Ellen

The end is nigh. Well its the Royal hotel Purfleet. Some say Queen Elizabeth reviewed her ships here and said 'Oh, my Poor Fleet'. 

Others say it was one of our walkers saying 'Oh my Poor Feet' 

But the seals look happy as we waved at them

River Cray

Lunch time, And the display of sandwiches

Hall place - Time for Afternoon Tea


Stage 3 Sunday 11 October 2015

Petts Wood to Wickham Common

There were we, waiting at the Church.

The Church of St. Giles the Abbott.

On our way.

Damaged by a storm in 1639 it was partly rebuilt of Red Brick and Flint

The Lubbock family had their estate in what is now High Elms Country Park

By the Wilberforce Oak, where Wilberforce told Prime Minister Pitt of the intention to promote the abolition of slavery in parliament.

Terry, Peter,Ron and Norman posing in the sunshine

Sign commemorating Wilberforce meeting with Pitt

Source of the River Ravensbourne, which feeds Keston Ponds

One of the Keston Ponds

Towards the end of the walk, at Keston Ponds.

Always time for ice cream!

Stage 2 Sunday 27 September2015

Hall Place to Petts Wood.

We sarted where we had finished stage 1. Hall Place A Scheduled Ancient Monument near Bexley Village. More  importantly they have a lovely coffee shop. 

The Church in Bexley Village. The unusual spire, tiled with wooden tiles has a lower part which is square and a top which is octagonal.

Foots Cray Meadow, with the river running through. Many fish and other wild life.

The 5 arches bridge at Foots Cray Meadow. A perfect place to watch the river go past.

 Jean explains how to read the Sundial erected to the memory of William Willets, who advocated the putting forward the clocks in summertime to save daylight. 

The sundial is set to show Summertime (BST) which is explained in the inscription.


And of course you have to make sure its right.

Stage 1 

Erith to Hall Place Sunday 22nd August

The start of the 'Fantastic Journey', with the river behind us and the Finish in sight. Only 150 odd miles to go.

Along the river we saw seal basking on the beach. 

But we had no time to slumber!

We had to head towards Bexley Village. But it rained, only the way it can in one of the wettest Augusts on record. So we stopped at Hall place. Which would be the start point for stage 2.

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