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Some time ago we had a regular 'Curry Night' A very enjoyable evening where we have a meal together and chat.

We are trying to re-introduce the idea of an evening out together, but changing the name to reflect that a wider choice of food is available than 'curry', and other activities too, but keep the overall aim of bringing friends together. 

Railway Hotel Hornchurch Monday 19th March 7.30pm

Our first 'Social Evening' has been arranged for Monday 19th March 2018 at 7.30 pm.

At the Railway Hotel Hornchurch.

The Railway is  an 'Ember Inn' offering a wide choice of food. They have asked that we pre-order our meals. That way we get our choice of meals more or less at the same time. We will be in the large room so everyone is together, not spread out throughout the restaurant.

The menu is seasonal. A new menu is being introduced on the 6th of March. Here is a link to the web site.https://www.emberinns.co.uk/nationalsearch/london/the-railway-hotel-hornchurch/food

If you want to come can you please  let Ellen know your choice of food before the 11th March.  chairhaveringramblers@gmail.com  

Looking forward to a great evening

Update 16/2/2018

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