Welcome to our 30th Anniversary page

Photo of the Inaugural Walk July 2008 (Provided by Ken Richards)

2018 sees the 30th anniversary  of the formation of the group in 1988. 

On Saturday 16th June we are having a gathering of current and  former members in the Chapel Upminster (Opposite the Windmill) to have a sociable afternoon.

Ellen is taking led on this event but needs your help. e mail chairhaveringramblers@gmail.com

1 Photographs

Anniversaries always have an element of looking back. So if you have photographs (print or digital) we would like to put on, in the old terms, a 'slide show'. So if you have  digital these can be e-mailed. Prints require to be copied. If you have some please contact Ellen to make arrangements. Please say where and when taken and who is in the photo.If you can't remember we can show it and promote discussion.

2 Stories  

If you have stories about walks and outings and some of the funny things that happen, just love to hear from you.

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